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Albert Einstein

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Victor Hugo

Edda Contreras, the pioneer in introducing Vitamin U preparations since 1998

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3000 Years of Maya Tradition

Herb of the Mayas
It is extracted from Iresine celosia, a plant from Central America. It belongs to the family of Amaranthacea Gomphrenoidea. The ethnomedicine reveals that this plant was used by the Maya-Quiche civilization circa 3000 years.

Historical Background
In 1960, the eminent naturalist, Efraín Contreras (1898-1986), discovered in Nicaragua the therapeutical virtues of Iresine celosia. He undertook an uninterruptive task to develop the beneficial effects of this plant (registered Patent #820 RPI).

The modern-day discoverer of the medicinal properties of Iresine celosia was Don Efraín CONTRERAS, the 12th child of the renowned Mexican lawyer, philosopher, writer, and professor, Don Ricardo Contreras. Don Ricardo CONTRERAS was a pioneer of Modernismo (modern Spanish literature). He was professor of the greatest 19th century writer in Latin American modern literature: Ruben DARIO. Don Ricardo also wrote “The written law of Ruben DARIO”. His son, Don Efraín, had traveled extensively since his early youth throughout Mexico and Central America. He finally established himself in Nicaragua. Years later, (in 1960), his experiences with the local Indians led him to his discovery of therapeutical properties of a remarkable plant, Iresine celosia

Thereafter, Don Efraín's grandson, René ROSENBERG CONTRERAS (1968-1990) – who represented a sixth-generation member of the family practicing and promoting health and medicine - introduced Iresine celosia, in Europe in the form of a simple extract, which later became a sublingual preparation through an enhancing and intensifying exclusive dynamisation process developed by Dr. José Garcia, a Mexican chemist established in Switzerland.

Odylie ESCOBAR (1913-2008)
Wife of the discoverer, Efraín CONTRERAS, gave her wholehearted support during the best part of her lifetime and for more than 45 years of research to the Iresine celosia project. Thanks to her moral and financial support, she brought relief and cure to many hundreds of suffering human beings. Like an angel, she is now bringing new health to thousands of people around the world project.

In 1978, the World Health Organization (WHO) issued Declaration of Alma-Ata and a number of resolutions in later years to support herbal medicine health care around the world.Iresine International, Inc. plays an important role by producing, processing, and marketing ODYLIRESIN™ ANTIOXIDANT formulated with Iresine celosia.

Edda CONTRERAS has been working for the United Nations system since 1962. For more than 10 years, she was also employed in the public sector in Los Angeles and New York. In 1988, she moved to Switzerland with her two sons, Rene and Ricardo, to work for the United Nations. Later on, she was appointed Consul to the Permanent Mission of Nicaragua to the United Nations at Geneva. At the demise of her father Efrain, she incorporated the Iresine Project into her professional life. Since 1988, Edda CONTRERAS has been relentlessly dedicated to introducing Iresine celosia around the world. She has been responsible for being first one in introducing VITAMIN U on the internet system.